In-Service Training

Because the Math-U-See methods are very different from traditional methods, an in-service training by a qualified Math-U-See Trainer will enable teachers and administrators to use the program with fidelity. While the methods are not difficult, they are unique, and it is critical to have teachers and administrators understand how these new methods work to achieve optimal results. Teachers in the training will receive a Professional Development Training Modules binder for their use as a classroom resource.

In-service trainings may be divided into two days depending on the needs of the school or district. In many cases the second day is not needed, depending on the levels of implementation.

Implementation Section Levels Covered*
Section 1 Alpha through Delta (counting through division). Learn More

Section 2
(Prerequisite: Section 1)

Epsilon through Algebra 1 (fractions through first‑year algebra). Learn More

* Prior to training, teachers will use the placement tests to determine the proper placement of students. Materials are then purchased by the school or district for implementation. Materials must be on hand for training.

Follow-Up Teacher Training Day

This is a follow‑up training to the Implementation Sections. It is a customizable Training Day to increase fidelity in implementation and address specific school and instructor needs. Training will be provided by a teacher who is experienced with using Math‑U‑See in the classroom who will demonstrate in‑class the application of the methodology. This will include further training on the use of the curriculum and support materials.

Teacher In-Class Training Day

Follow-Up Teacher Training Day is for teachers that have used Math‑U‑See
for at least 2 weeks after their initial Section 1 and/or Section 2 Implementation Training.

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