Homeschool Styles

Homeschool Styles

Our distinguishing elements allow us to target each individual student and focus on specific needs. Our unique approach gives clear guidelines for when the student is ready to move to the next lesson. Math-U-See is ideal for use with small group learning environments such as homeschooling.

Math-U-See and the Charlotte Mason approach

The lessons are short and free of “twaddle.” There are lots of opportunities for hands-on experience, and students are encouraged to “teach back” the concepts to the parent (narration).

Math-U-See and traditional teaching methods

Concepts are taught on DVD, and workbooks are used for practice and review.

Math-U-See and Classical Homeschooling

worksheet assortment

Memorization of facts is encouraged in the early grades, and mastery of concepts required at every level.

Math-U-See and Relaxed or Unschooling approaches

The books are not assigned grade levels but are organized by topic, so it is easy for students to work at their own pace and explore their own interests.

Math-U-See and Unit Studies

Many unit study curricula do not include math because of its sequential nature. However, many unit study curricula have recommended use of Math-U-See as the supplemental math curriculum. Topics are grouped together by concept, helping students to see how math ideas are related to each other and the whole structure of mathematics.

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