Updated Gamma — Available March 2013

Multiplication for Single- and Multiple-Digit Numbers and Other Topics

Once students have mastered the concepts of addition and subtraction (covered in Alpha and Beta), they are ready for multiplication. Gamma teaches single-digit facts and multiple-digit multiplication skills.

Gamma Instruction Manual and DVD


Updates to the Instruction Manual include introduction to:

  • additional ways to express a multiplication problem
  • classifying of shapes in more detail
  • simple metric measures (no conversions)
  • relating solving for the unknown to the idea of division
  • adding and subtracting time with no regrouping required
Gamma Student Workbook and Tests

New Application & Enrichment pages in the Student Workbook include:

  • dot-to-dots featuring all skip counting facts
  • using skip counting to make patterns
  • pictographs
  • logic problems
  • Venn diagrams
  • recording information on a chart
  • arrays
  • line graphs
  • bar graphs
  • classifying quadrilaterals
  • line plots
  • basic metric measures
  • simple fractions
  • simple number lines

Major Concepts and Skills Include:

  • Using strategies based on place value and properties of operations to multiply
  • Fluently multiplying any combination of whole numbers
  • Solving for an unknown factor
  • Solving abstract and real-world problems involving addition, subtraction, and multiplication
  • Measuring and computing area
  • Relating concepts of area to addition and multiplication

Additional concepts and skills:

  • Skip counting as a precursor to multiplication
  • Adding and subtracting time in hours and minutes
  • Multiplying, adding, and subtracting U.S. currency and standard units of measure
  • Representing, recording, and interpreting data
  • Understanding of basic fractions
  • Estimating and solving measurement problems

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