Updated Delta — Available March 2013

Division for Single- and Multiple-Digit Numbers and Other Topics

Division is presented as the inverse of multiplication. Single-digit division facts are learned and the concepts of division and place value are applied when solving long division problems.

Delta Instruction Manual and DVD


Updates to the Instruction Manual include introduction to:

  • additional ways to express a division problem
  • more on angles
  • definition of symmetry
  • decimals defined in terms of money
  • a summary of metric units
Delta Student Workbook and Tests

New Application & Enrichment pages in the Student Workbook include:

  • challenging coloring pictures coded to the answers to factoring problems
  • solving word problems
  • patterns of various kinds
  • angles
  • naming different kinds of polygons
  • solving codes and puzzles
  • graphs
  • symmetry

Major Concepts and Skills Include:

  • Using strategies based on place value and properties of operations to divide
  • Understanding division as solving for an unknown factor
  • Fluently dividing any combination of whole numbers
  • Solving abstract and real-world problems involving all four operations
  • Interpreting remainders in short and long division
  • Understanding fraction notation in light of division

Additional concepts and skills:

  • Reading and writing Roman numerals
  • Dividing, multiplying, adding, and subtracting U.S. currency and standard units of measure
  • Understanding angle measure and geometric shapes including points, segments, rays, and lines
  • Classifying shapes based on defining attributes
  • Understanding and computing area and volume

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