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Updated Editions of Primer through Zeta

Updated books from Math-U-See   We’re proud and excited to introduce updated and expanded editions of Primer through Zeta. Many of the added features you’ll find in these editions are a direct response to our customers’ suggestions. Alpha Instruction Manual and DVD What’s Different Two requests we heard frequently were for more word problems and for more practice of some concepts. In addition, some parents were concerned that students encountered concepts or language on standardized tests that they were not prepared for. We also took the opportunity to clarify and improve some explanations. Supplemental instruction was added to a number of lessons to address these requests and concerns. In response to these requests, we edited the instruction manuals for Primer through Zeta. Examples of expanded content include simple metric measures, different kinds of graphs, and number lines. Appropriate extra activity pages are now included in the Student Workbooks for each level. Zeta Student Workbook and Tests Application & Enrichment Pages Long-time users of Math-U-See will be familiar with the extra activities included in the Primer, Alpha, and Beta levels or the honors pages in the secondary math books, and there was a great deal of interest in having something similar for all levels of Math-U-See. An extra activity page for each lesson has been added to the Student Workbook for each level (Primer through Zeta). These pages, named Application & Enrichment, range from fun dot-to-dot and coloring activities at the earlier levels to much more challenging activities for Epsilon and Zeta. Some of the activities at each level are designed to help students understand and solve word problems. Besides reinforcing the main concepts being taught in each level, the Application & Enrichment pages also introduce and provide practice of useful supplemental concepts. Note that students do not have to master the supplemental topics in order to move to the next level of Math-U-See. (Solutions for the Application & Enrichment pages for Gamma through Zeta have been added to the Instruction Manuals for those levels.) What’s The Same Beta Instruction Manual and DVD We are committed to preserving the methods and techniques that have made this curriculum successful for so many of our customers. At the same time we are excited about the changes that we believe will make Math-U-See more useful for parents and more fun for students. Our manipulatives have not changed in any way. While the books have been edited and expanded, the same Manipulative Block Sets, Fraction Overlays, and Algebra/Decimal Inserts are used throughout. Details, Details Visit the specific level pages (on the left) to see exactly what you can expect from the updated, improved Primer through Zeta. Please contact us with any questions or comments remember, customer feedback prompted many of these updates in the first place, so we’d love to know what you think.

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