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How to Use the Worksheet Generator

  1. Select a book from the first dropdown list
  2. Select a lesson from the “Starting Lesson” dropdown list
  3. Optional,to cover a range of topics: select a lesson from the “Ending Lesson” dropdown list

To print your worksheet(s):

  1. Choose desired number of rows and columns per page
  2. Click “Make Worksheet” button to generate a printable worksheet (you may need to allow pop-ups from Math-U-See)
  3. Click “Make Answer Key” button to generate a printable answer key
  4. Click “Make Both” button to generate both worksheet(s) and answer key(s) in one step

For now, choices are limited to lessons that deal primarily with computation, and the lessons end at PreAlgebra Lesson 17.

If you choose only one lesson, there is a greater likelihood that you will see some repeated problems on the page. This is because the problems are generated automatically. A wider range of problems will be less likely to generate repeats.