Math-U-See just made math easier.

Introducing our new Math-U-See Curriculum Sets

Wherever you are in your math instruction, we have a Set that will meet your needs. And the best news is, Math-U-See Curriculum Sets are priced at an attractive discount compared to the individual components, plus they include an exciting new value-added Element for free!

Math-U-See Universal Sets

Includes everything you need for a level – the Instruction Manual with complete solutions, Instruction DVD, Student Workbook, Tests Booklet, all manipulatives required for the level, and login information for our new Digital Pack for the level.

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Math-U-See Level Up Sets

If you have some or all of the required manipulatives, a Math-U-See Level Up Set is right for you. With the Instruction Manual with complete solutions, Instruction DVD, Student Workbook, Tests Booklet, your choice to include any manipulatives you might be missing, and login information for our new Digital Pack for the level, you won’t end up with more – or less – than you need.

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Math-U-See Elements

Of course, if you’re a long-time Math-U-See customer (thanks – you’re the reason we do what we do!) and just need the consumable Student Pack with the Student Workbook and Tests booklet for your second or third student who’s moving through a level, that’s available too, as are all the separate components you’re used to seeing from us.

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Demme Digital Packs

We’ve got more exciting news to share – something that you’ve been asking about for years! We are pleased to introduce the Demme Digital Packs for most of our Math-U-See levels. Accessible through any internet browser, you will have streaming video versions of our Instructional DVD, a PDF of the Instruction Manual, access to an online version of our Digital Manipulatives, and convenient links to a number of our free online resources. Twelve months of access is included free with the purchase of any Math-U-See Curriculum Set, or purchase access to any level separately for a reasonable subscription fee.

Please note, JavaScript must be enabled for Demme Digital Packs to work.

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Algebra/Decimal Insert Kit

Learning just got easier.

The Algebra/Decimal Insert Kit is used with the Integer Block Kit to teach advanced decimal and algebra concepts in Zeta, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra 1. This Kit includes a booklet that shows at a glance how the Inserts can be used to teach a wide variety of decimal and algebra concepts; 20 red hundredths blocks; 4 red snap-in squares; 4 green snap-in squares; 15 blue snap-in strips; and 15 gray snap-in strips.

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Fraction Overlay Kit

Better Organized and Better Looking.

Introducing our improved Fraction Overlay Kit, with more unit pieces to make building mixed-number problems easier, and a dry-erase marker to work problems right on the overlays – both the colored and clear pieces will wipe clean. The fold-shut case itself easily stands on a bookshelf but is easy to manipulate and compact enough to be portable, and the tabbed flaps ensure everything stays put – no fishing pieces out of the schoolbag or off the floor. And each pocket is labeled so everything can easily be sorted and returned to the proper place for the next lesson. The new Fraction Overlay Kit is included with the Epsilon Universal Set or can be purchased separately as an Element.

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Integer Block Kit

New Look for a Key Component

Meet the Math-U-See Manipulatives Integer Block Kit – Goldilocks’ favorite manipulatives block set, because it’s “just right”! Our Curriculum Development team has carefully reviewed every single lesson and activity in each level that requires the use of Integer Blocks and determined the precise number that is just right for all levels of Math-U-See. This is the only Block Kit you’ll ever need, no matter what levels of Math-U-See your students are in. It’s included in Universal Sets that require Integer Blocks, and available as a separate Element. A durable cardboard carrying case has a convenient tray for simple clean-up and storage.

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